Media Development in Africa

By: Ayele Addis Ambelu  

The article entitled "The Ethiopian Media Industry: The Structure of the African Media" covers a range of topics, during a forum organized by the international media and communication workshop. Looking back at the development of the media industry towards the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century is necessary. It also requires a thorough assessment of what is going on in this country's transition towards this year's journey. This article captures the story of journalism in the world, and what the truth of our country's newspapers looked like since the fourth century with the great king Izana on the battlefield, the poetry, the various news, the other historical records, and especially the "Chronicles." It offers a proof of journalism that attempts to prove the truth about journalism.

Media, History, News
2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age
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Ayele Addis Ambelu

Lecturer , journalism and communication, Woldia University, Ethiopia

Media mangaer, Media researcher. lecturer and trainner