Contingency Networks and Public Sphere

By: Mario Zaragoza  

In 2017, Mexico City experienced one of the most tragic events of recent years; on September 19, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the capital of the country leaving considerable personal and material damage, as well as a solidarity network that it spread through all the affected areas, exactly 32 years after another earthquake that showed the organization and collective support of Mexican society, without the government support. The horizontality that provide electronic platforms of social interaction today and a call of the people to verify information, led to that #Verificado19S take a step forward to be something more than a hashtag of the contingency and showed itself as a need to read verified information that would provide strength and concrete actions in the particular case of the earthquake - and would allow to attend and publicize through electronic platforms affected places that required help and what materials were requested. The relevance of the verified information is the first step to consolidate a public sphere that transforms interaction networks into solidarity and valuable help to transform our daily life beyond the emergency. This example and these topics will be discussed in the session.

Technology, Verified, Interaction, Public, Space
Media Technologies
Focused Discussion

Mario Zaragoza

Profesor-investigador, Facultad de Ciencias PolĂ­ticas y Sociales, UNAM, Mexico

PHd. Full-time professor at UNAM.