In The Perspective of Filipino Gen Z-ers

By: Darel Magramo  

Today, film has become a medium for showing what is happening in society. Some film depicts what happened in history, some gives us an escape to reality through entertainment, and some shows mere reality. Some films also show how men and women portray different roles in the society. This study focuses on gender stereotyping present in selected Filipino films as perceived by senior high school students ages 17 – 19 of Manila Tytana Colleges. The research was conducted through focused group discussion and gained various response from the participants. The researcher chose the movies; Kasal Kasali Kasali, Sakal Sakali Saklolo, and My Househusband because these films depict the life situations of a couple who have been struggling and facing many challenges in their married life. Common stereotyping present in the film are, for men; a) they are happy go lucky, b) ego-centric, c) provider for the family; for women; a) emotional driven, b)maternal instinct of taking care of the family, c) they will do everything for the family. These stereotypes are actually present and being practiced by the people in society as what the participants have perceived and experienced. Through this, the researcher concludes that there are stereotypes present in films commonly practiced by people. These common gender stereotypes present in films has influenced the formation of gender roles in society and may lead to continued gender discrimination.

Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Darel Magramo

Faculty, Senior High School, Manila Tytana Colleges, Philippines