Games as an Artistic and Social Medium

By: Alba García Martínez  

This workshop is part of the doctoral research development with the same name. In this communication we outline the most relevant reasons for this research, as well as the hypotheses that support it. We also see the study frame and the current point where this research is located, but this workshop will be mostly focused on direct practice. We will play some political games created and exhibited in NEGOCIO Exhibition as the analogue NeoDixit by Jc Izquierdo, Atiz & Alba Refulgente or the digital Gonzalo Frasca’s September 12th. Finally, we will discuss how appropriate and effective is game in art for communicating issues. Games and art have crossed, at least since the beginning of the twentieth century, as we can see in the use of the Exquisite Corpse of the Surrealists, in Duchamp's obsession with chess and in the Fluxus games boxes. During the last twenty years, the separation between games and art has dissipated as much for the artists as for the creators of games. The field in which games and art have converged, superimposed, collided, found and, above all, interacted has not yet been widely explored. This research is about finding new ways of thinking about games, new ways to use games to think about the rest of the world, how games contribute as an artistic medium, and how art subverts the order of the power of games.

Art, Game, Contemporary Art, Social, Political, Neodixit
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Alba García Martínez

PhD Researcher, Design and Visual Art, University of Barcelona, Spain

Visual Artist based in Barcelona. Art, Game and education. @albarefulgente