Understanding Millennials

By: Afshana Hoque  

Millennials or Generation Y have been typecasted with several terms, some good and some not so good. Tech savvy, lazy, entitled are just some of the ways society views this generation. With a mindset that is socially and globally connected, Millennials have grown up with hi-tech devices on the palm of their hands. Most existing studies on millennials are products of scholarly research with traditional data collection methods. Considering Social Media as a natural environment for Millennials, this paper seeks to derive data about Millennials from social media platforms. Meltwater, an online analytical tool was used to collect data associated with Millennials (Generation Y). Findings confirm stereotypical assumptions associated with Millennials. Assuming, Millennials and Generation Z are the highest users of social media, findings of the paper include Millennials' self-reports about their generation and Generation Z’s descriptions of Millennials.

Millennials, Millennial
Media Technologies
Focused Discussion

Afshana Hoque

Graduate Assistant, Media Relations, Illinois State University, United States
United States