Borderless Solutions for Cyberspace Damages

By: Seyed Milad Mousavi Haghshenas  

All products and transfers and interactions in the cyberspace are abandoned from the limitation of borders and it is bound to be globalized. Since that cyberspace is free from the tyranny of time and it is space without borders. Damages that are caused in this space are also cross-borders. So many researches have been done to express these damages, categories, frequencies and their features. It seems that now is the time of research for looking for solutions. This article is aimed to use of qualitative methods with semi-structured interviewing with experts and analysis of them to provide a solution for damages and challenges of cyberspace. The results of this study are expected to include solution about the following areas: Self-monitoring, self-care, self-control in cyberspace; Family awareness - Attention to the role of civil groups, citizenship, forums, campaigns, and NGOs; Provide the necessary rules; Creation and development of infrastructures; Improving the level of media literacy and internet literacy of users ; Normalization in the cyberspace

Cyberspace, Cyber damage, Borderless solutions
2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Seyed Milad Mousavi Haghshenas

PhD. Student, Communication, University of Tehran