Augmented Reality in Egyptian Newspapers

By: Wesam Mohamed  

As printing media suffers from the decrease of its readers and their shifting towards internet media digital platforms, the fast-going evolution of communication technology led us to a new media concept, i.e. Immersive Journalism. This new lead in journalism was due to the utilization of new technologies: VR and AR . Through these technologies, printing media introduced its readers to new phases of technologies that connected their experience of printing material with electronic "mirrors" through providing them with visual codes to link them to more interactive storytelling. This research studies this phenomenon through focusing on the extent to which virtual reality is utilized in the Egyptian media. It investigates its prevalence, the type of the content it is associated with, and to what extent this technology provides alternatives for the storytelling narratives that go beyond the limits of the printed media. The research explores the future of this technology in the Egyptian space by holding interviews with chief editors and concerned journalists with a view to understanding the challenges that encounter newspapers, planning or already using this technology. To measure the response of this technology on its users' ends, the research examines the opinions of the readers of these newspapers to evaluate their reception of that technology, its accessibility, and topics they are interested in seeing with this technology. Without study, the lack of understanding the readers and preferences in relation to this technology may minimize the benefit of this technology and hence render it ineffective.

Augmented Reality, Egypt, Immersive, Journalism
Media Technologies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Wesam Mohamed

Assistant Professor , Journalism , Ahram Canadian University , Egypt

Dr. Wesam M. is an assistant professor of mass communication at Ahram Canadian University (ACU). Title of her PH.D. dissertation: Multimedia Design and Employing it in the Trab Electronic Journalism and its Relation with Attracting Users. She was a visiting reasearch associate at the State University of New York at Binghamton (SUNY) USA. She has a lot of lectures in design, communication technlology, writing for journalism, and electronic journalism. In addition to teaching, Dr. Wesam is a 2D designer.