When Globalization Met Entrepreneurship

By: Drishti J. Verma  

Mass media today is seen as playing a key role in enhancing globalization by facilitating cultural exchange and multiple flows of information between various countries. Recently, India’s media culture that adopted ‘foreign’ media and its dynamics, presented various e-commerce portals that not only stimulated the minds of India with better conceptual power but also gave them an opportunity to reach the global market. According to a report by Nasscom (August 28, 2018), e-commerce in India is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 30% annually to exceed $60 billion in market size by 2022. The primary objective of this study is to elicit a greater understanding on the impact of the new age media in generating entrepreneurial opportunities, and also in altering the corporate landscape in India. The paper further qualifies the same by investigating how, Amazon has reinvented the entrepreneurial base by launching the ‘Global Selling Program’. It sheds light on the key objective by studying the cross border professional opportunities offered through LinkedIn which has altered the traditional Human Resource paradigms. This will be studied in-depth using primary as well as secondary sources. Data was collected through interviews, questionnaires, along with references to various journals, website, and research papers hence proving the impact of media and its potential in glorifying e-commerce for the future. The inferences drawn from this paper inform our understanding as to how globalization of media has resulted in expanding entrepreneurial and professional opportunities in India.

Media Globalization, Marketing, Business Communication, Technology, Digital Media, E-commerce
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Drishti J. Verma

University of Delhi, India

A final year undergraduate student, studying media and communications with an avid interest in technology and e-commerce sector. Successfully looking for angel investors for mentoring and funding in a community based app model.