Analysing Egyptian Television Programs in Relation to Political Involvement of Women

By: Ghadeer Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Aly  

This study considers television programs developed for women and their role in presenting the issue of women’s political participation. The research analyses samples from the television programs in the private Egyptian channels in order to know how far the topic of women’s political participation is presented, how is it discussed, and whether these programs are keeping up with the different social variables in Egypt. In addition to defining the main differences between the treatments of the topic between the channels and how the discuss the topics. The research also asks if the programs concentrate on the idea of women in political participation or have other concentrations regarding the political awareness and participation. The research paper depends on the "Social Responsibility Theory" as a Theoretical Framework. The research is a descriptive study that aims to not only identify the characteristics of specific phenomena, but also foster deep analysis. The paper uses quantitative method using content analysis.

Social Responsibility Theory, Television, Politics, Women Participation, Women Political Awareness
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Ghadeer Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Aly

Lecturer, Mass Communication, Canadian International College, Egypt

I'm a Mass Communication Lecturer based in Egypt. I teach all the courses related to the practical media workframe. I'm specialzed in the media production and post production process due to my experinces in working with different editing and graphic softwares and how to use the camera to create a good frame.