The Future of Journalism and Democracy in Puerto Rico

By: Federico Subervi  

The presentation focuses on the current state of the mass media and journalism in Puerto Rico, the (almost) last U.S. colony in the Western Hemisphere. Building on the opinions and views gathered during August and September 2018 from more than fifty-five Puerto Rican journalists, the analyses elaborates on the biggest challenges the journalists perceive for the news media in the digital age, their own professional future, and the role of the media on the political status, and by extension in the democratic options for Puerto Rico.

2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age
Focused Discussion

Federico Subervi

Visitin Leverhulme Professor, School of Media & Communication, University of Leeds

Visiting Leverhulme Professor, School of Media & Communication, University of Leeds. Previous professor positions at Kent State University, Texas State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Scholarship expertise on U.S. Latinos and media, and media systems of Latin America, especially the home country of Puerto Rico. Author/editor of: The Mass Media & Latino Politics: Studies of U.S. Media Content, Campaign Strategies and Survey Research: 1984-2004. (NY: Routledge, 2008).