Documentary Programs and Their Role in Formulating Media Images about Foreign Countries among Egyptian Youth

By: Yasmeen El Mahdy  

Many countries broadcast their channels in the Arabic language aiming to present their thoughts, opinions, cultures, and polices to the Arab world. There are more than ten foreign channels that are broadcast in Arabic in Egypt and most depend on documentary formats to spread their cultures as the films and programs. They aim to be the mirror that reflects the reality of societies. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of watching the documentary movies on youth and to know who are affected the most, the males or the females? and what kinds of effects? Are they only creating a positive or negative media image? To what extend do they change the attitudes of youth toward foreign countries? The research uses quantitative methods through survey and content analysis: 1-Survey : administered to 200 Egyptian youth aged 18-35 to measure the effects of watching documentary programs on creating the media images of the foreign countries among youth. 2-Content Analysis : to analyze the content of documentary programs of specific international channels to know which topics are presented the most and how they are presented. The research process includes analyzing documentary programs from four different channels during three months - CGTN channel, DW channel, France 24, RT channel. Documentary films are the most common format found on international channels. Topics include different industries 39%, and touristic and archaeological sites 35.2%, and arts 29.5%.Reasons for watching includes gaining knowledge, seeking to travel, and searching for scholarships or academic training.

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Yasmeen El Mahdy

lecturer, masscommunication, Canadian international college

i have been working in the teaching career since , 2010 after graduating from faculty of masscommunication and i recently finished my PHD Degree , also i teach many courses related to comm.theories , research methods , TV & Radio production , and Advertising for RTV, A Traveled in to workshops related to media before , one at Bonn Germany (DW akadmie ) the other one was at Paris France (france 24 channel), i am curently working on doing some researches to be presented in many international commuication and media conferences