“Cowok” Definition Construction in Axelerate Youtube Series

By: Poppy Febriana  

Dualism in film exists as a form to reflect and represent society (Rianto, 2010), which is utilized by AXE product as an attempt to conspicuously construct the definition of “cowok” in an apt interpretation for their target market. Through the creation of three short films that have been uploaded on AXE's YouTube Channel, the company is trying to construct the true AXE's definition of masculinity. This definition construction has attracted researcher to understand on how the definition itself has emerged on the first place. To address the research problem, John Fiske semiotic analysis is used in this study. In accordance with Fiske (Fiske, John in Ismawati, 2016 p.8), there are three semiotic elements; signs, signs reference, and signs user. Descriptive qualitative analysis has been conducted in the study using the codes of television which are subcategorized into three levels; reality, representation, and ideology. The finding signifies there are three “Cowok-AXE” constructions emerged, those are: Cowok Sabi which refers to versatile man; Cowok Kelas to exclusively refering the high-class man; and Cowok Kalem which represents the construction of a calm person.

Semiotic, Television Code, John Fiske
Media Literacies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Poppy Febriana

Lecturer, Communication Studies, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA), Indonesia

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