Opinion Versus News Journalism

By: Janet Aver Adikpo  

The influence of computer aided reporting and production of media content has added value to journalism practice. However, online users now break codes hitherto upheld by the mainstream practice. Through advancements in technology users have great chances to be exposed to information either as the senders or receivers, which has increased the popularity of news and enhanced opinion writing. In doing so, the format for online media content is different as compared to news from the media. By implication, this unconventional practice of online users filling in for news, widely referred to as opinion journalism appears to have come to stay. The concept of opinion journalism though subjective has gradually enjoyed widespread recognition as much as news became popular over time. Using the existing codes in conventional media practice, this study assesses the presentation of information, to ascertain whether form it takes is that of opinion or news. The main aim is to assess the unique twist that has occurred between opinion and news journalism, with particular focus on the online media users. To do this, the perception of online users about their preferred style of information is considered. This paper further discusses the mainstream media and compares the offerings of the cyberspace platform.

Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Ms. Janet Aver Adikpo

Ph.D Candidate, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

Janet Adikpo is a Ph.D candidate at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. She is presently conducting a study on the role of Leadership Style on Country Image of Nigeria. Other research interests include media gender disparities, film discourse and media culture.