From Rose Bearers to Warriors

By: Le Ná Powe Mc Donald  

The evolution of portrayals of Black women in the media has been a hot topic in media and popular culture for decades. “The overabundant portrayal of the African American woman stereotype, as Jezebel in popular culture, raises serious questions concerning the state of race in America” (Littlefield, 2008, p.677). Comparing Black women characters in predominately Black films that both celebrate African culture/heritage, and are also accepted by mainstream media and popular culture, is an analysis at least thirty years in the making. Two such films, thirty years apart, are Coming to America and Black Panther. In order to establish a foundation of knowledge for referral throughout this analysis, this study includes a review of the settings, general backgrounds, genre and production of both films.

Women Media Framing Evolution Agenda Setting Gender
Media Cultures
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Le Ná Powe Mc Donald

Doctoral Student , Higher Education Administration , The University of Alabama, United States
United States