What is Really Means to Be a Visual Journalist in the Digital Age

By: Deana Mitchell  

While photojournalists and videographers are dismissed from more and more news organizations, cameras are being thrust in the hands of print reporters who are told to do their best. But what does it really mean to use a camera in the digital age, when everyone has a camera or cellphone? How can a journalist with no real interest in visual journalism or understanding of the medium create compelling images or video that tell the story? In this session, we will explore the importance of visual journalism as a medium and help print reporters gain a better understanding of the skills needed to create strong visual stories--and help them hone these skills.

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Deana Mitchell

Video Journalist and Producer, Video, Voice of America, United States
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I am currently a Video Jouranlist and Producer for Voice of America, based in San Francisco. I was formerly a photographer and editor for ABC News' in New York City. Prior to that, I worked as a staff newspaper photographer.