The Digital Age-Heaven or Hell for People with Disabilities

By: Arlene Mayerson  

Technology is usually referenced as a boon for people with disabilities. Much of the technology that we rely on today was developed for people with disabilities. Yet, without a conscious commitment to make it accessible, the growing reliance on computers also threatens to shut disabled people out and return us to second class citizenship. I am a pioneer in using the law to gain access for people with disabilities to digital entertainment, education, healthcare, government benefits, banking and public information in general. As a primary drafter and negotiator of the Americans with Disabilities Act, I will speak and facilitate discussion about my efforts to ensure that the ADA be interpreted to keep up with modern life.

Disability, Accessibility
2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age
Focused Discussion

Arlene Mayerson

Directing Attorney, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, United States
CA, United States