Teaching Around Trump

By: Michael Meinhardt  

The intersection of the contemporary states of fact, rhetoric, research, and civil discourse has undergone such a dramatic and overwhelming shift away from long-standing methods and methodologies that the writing and research classroom is at risk of sacrificing the mission of pedagogy in the student mindset and the political and economic spectrum of administration. The dangers of this precipice, fomented mostly through Donald Trump's political ascendency and the actions used to do so as well as further his particular array of governance goals, is the tacit acceptance of his authority and authoritative style by students in a writing arena that requires them to transform, however challenging this may be so as to establish a strong foundation for academic and professional development. This study examines a framework by which the writing classroom community may be established from the start so as to circumvent dogmatism, considers rhetorical strategies to confront zealotry through discursive collaboration, and grounds the writing and research classroom in both holistic and concrete goals for the skills to be acquired and the value those skills hold in the greater world.

Rhetoric, Writing, Collaboration, Trump, Pedagogy, Dogmatism
Media Literacies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Michael Meinhardt

Senior Lecturer, Enlgish/Writing Program, Loyola University Chicago, United States
-, United States