What “Independent” News Media Tells Us About The French News Media Field

By: Sedel Julie  

While emblematic newspapers are falling into industrial, bankers and businessmen’ hands, aside from State ownership, “independency” is being held as a unifying principle by a plurality of medias partly created against the field of mainstream media. With few employees and low budgets, some of these institutions defend a high conception of journalism by placing independency toward economic and political powers as central values. Through their capitalistic organization, this article proposes to open the “black box” of independency and to analyze its social uses in the French field of news. What role does these news media play in the journalistic field? How do they build their singularity and legitimacy? What do they reveal about French New media logic of sustainability?

French Independent News
2018 Special Focus: Alt-Media - The Shifting Tide of Political Communication
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Sedel Julie

Assitant professor, Information and communication, Strasbourg University, France
-, France

I am assistant professor at Strasbourg University working on French News media field. My PHD in sociology at the EHESS Paris was dedicated to the media coverage of french suburbian areas ("banlieues"). It was published in 2009 (then in 2013 in "pocket"collection ): "Les Médias et la banlieue" (Le bord de L'eau) and won the Prize of Journalism's assises'Research comity. I also published with Philippe Juhem, "Acting by speech- Advocates and asymetries of the public Sphere" (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2016). Since 2011, I've been working with Rodney Benson, Matthias Hessérus and Tim Neff on a comparative study on News medias ownership.