Visualized Pedestrian Speech Act Analysis

By: Hsiaomei Wu  

This study examines Facebook users’ check-in acts based on de Certeau’s perspectives on pedestrian speech acts. In collaborating with the technical assistant from Computer Science, the researcher first developed a visualization tool called VPSA to delineate the discrete check-in patterns for individual users. Twenty-five Taiwan subjects, age from thirteen to forty, were then recruited allowing us to examine their check-in acts with VPSA for further in-depth interviews. The results show that users effectively employ "place" to fulfill their interests and desires. In addition to travel and food, Facebook places are typically used as a marketing strategy or simply as the emotional outlet (e.g. virtual check-ins). The timeline practices of VPSA also reveal how everyday life routines influence their check-in acts. Users tend to check in at the time possibly inviting more likes rather than to check in at present. Finally, all users reflexively realize that their check-in practices are self-performance, not real everyday lives, although they don’t distinguish the performing self from the real self any more.

Social Media, Informatics
Media Technologies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Prof. Hsiaomei Wu

-, -, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan