Domestic Spatiality

By: Juan Lozano De Poo   Guadalupe Salazar González  

Spatiality is the central theme of this research, demarcated by the domestication of the Internet within the middle-class household. This phenomenon is addressed from three constitutive realities of spatiality: habituality, interaction, and presence. Together they state how coexistence with digital space has produced profound changes in the way people inhabit at the household scale. Spatiality, under this approach, studies the production of social space based on the use given to physical space through the shift of meaning that lived space has had, before and after the assimilation of the Internet as the dominant communication system. How can domestic spatialities produced by the superposition of digital space as a new layer of social space be explained? The methodology designed, based on semi-structured interviews and surveys, allowed the interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data collected directly from selected homes and two control groups of college students from New York (SUNY) and Mexico (UASLP). The findings of the study reveal that everyday life practices are nowadays performed simultaneously in two types of spaces; one defined by the ever-present, being online and connected to the Internet; the other, configured by the physical-symbolical places of human existence. This new condition has modified the configuration process of spatiality, as observed through family tensions and members’ behavior, re-signification, compression, and indistinct use of domestic space and time. The implications of the results provide a rich source for socio-spatial studies through a complex understanding of interrelations between individuals, digital space, and lived space at home.

Mediation Communications Presence
Media Theory
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Juan Lozano De Poo

Full Time Research Professor , -, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí , Mexico
-, Mexico

I am an Architect and Former Chief of the Arts and Design Department. One of the courses I teach is architecture workshop, which integrates theory and practice and empowers architecture to entwine with a wide variety of disciplines. It is a well-consolidated course and it brings together reflection, creation and materialization of space and how we inhabit it. I encourage critical and creative thinking, along with the development of all sort of skills needed for the materialization of ideas and validation of postures within a practice-based environment.

Guadalupe Salazar González