The Arab Spring of Coca-Cola

By: Easa Alqahtani   Abdulaziz Alajlan  

This paper analyses Coca-Cola's campaign in Egypt after the Egyptian revolution in 2011. It finds that Coca-Cola understood the meaning and the signs of the Egyptian revolution and other cultural values and concepts in Egyptian society. In addition, this paper explores how Coca-Cola dealt with those cultural meanings. Coca-Cola, after the Egyptian revolution, cleverly used the meanings of Egyptian culture and signs of the Egyptian revolution in its advertisement campaigns. This paper analyzes these cultural signs and how they were used by Coca-Cola.

Social Media Semiotics
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Easa Alqahtani

Lecturer, King Khalid Unversity

Easa Alqahtani: Lecturer in Media and Communication Department in King Khalid University in Abha, Saudi Arabia. PhD student in Jounlism Studies in Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

Abdulaziz Alajlan

-, -, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Wales, United Kingdom