Becoming Young

By: Maxim Bonin  

Vice Media considers itself the only media with the capacity of reaching millennials. Thus 76% of young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four constitute the audience of the media (Vice Digital, 2017). Vice explains this success by "stories" produced by young people for young people. In the fall of 2016, Vice Canada's francophone section was launched. The head-quarter of Vice-Québec is now located in downtown Montreal. The Executive Director of Vice Québec said in an interview that "their mission is to hire young talents" and "to present Quebec’s culture to the world." This desire to highlight the "young local culture" forged in the mission of Vice, is not only represented in the topics discussed but also in its production, by hiring young talents. Using the emphasis on youth culture in Vice’s metaconversations, this communication aims to define a processual approach (Resher, 2006; Nayak , 2008; Langley and Tsoukas, 2017) of youth culture in the study of its representation in media organizations. Using Vice Québec as an example, this paper is a theoretical proposition to approach youth culture as a process. It explores how this process can be articulated with the representation of youth culture within the organization, and particularly in the the internal and external metaconversations (Robichaud, Giroux, and Taylor, 2004) of the media organization that is Vice Media.

"Media Organizations", " Process", " Youth Culture"
Media Cultures, Media Theory
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Maxim Bonin

-, -, University of Quebec