News Framing as Propaganda in Political Communication

By: Sulaiman Osho  

The concept of framing of news conveys the ideological nature of news and the use of media as propaganda machinery in political communication. Thus, radio news is being used to frame government agendas in the cultural diversity of Nigeria to meet certain agendas. This paper examines the critical discourse analysis of Radio Nigeria's national news on cultural diversity in Nigeria, to identify the missing links in the unending ethnic, religious, and cultural conflicts in the Africa’s most populous country. It uses the “manufacturing consent” theory of Herman and Chomsky (1988) to observe the political economy nature of news framing. The study applies the five propaganda devices of the theory on Radio Nigeria news to measure how the news framing affects the nature of the ethnic conflicts. The paper concludes that the framing of the radio news has impact on the suspicions among the ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria.

"News Framing", " Propaganda", " Manufacturing Consents", " Radio Nigeria"
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mr. Sulaiman Osho

Scholar and Researcher, Communication, Marketing and Media, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
Scotland, United Kingdom

The pursuit of knowledge and insatiable contribution to the world of intellectualism continues to be the passion of Sulaiman Adeshina Osho, a Scholar and Doctoral Researcher of Media and Multiculturalism at the Department of Communication, Marketing and Media at the Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom from February 2013 to date. He started his Doctoral programme in Media and Multiculturalism at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom from June 2011 to January 2013. In December 2013, I obtained Post-Graduate certificate in Research Methods from Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom towards the completion of my Doctoral programme. Apart from being a graduate of Mass Communication in 1985, he is a holder of Master Degree in Communication Arts (MCA) from the University of Ibadan in 1997 as well as another Master Degree in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Ado-Ekiti in 2008. He holds Certificate in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Ministry of Education, Cairo, Egypt in 2001; and Certificate in Cultural Diplomacy in 2011 from the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, Germany. The award winning scholar had a stint in journalism, public relations and broadcasting before moving into academics to give back to the profession through training of future practitioners. He is formerly Correspondent of Punch newspapers in Nigeria in Niger state (1985 – 1987) and served as the Ogun State Correspondent of Sketch Press Limited (1987 -1990). And between 1990 and 1996, he served as the Head of Public Affairs of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in Ogun state, Nigeria. His career in the academics started in 1995 as Part-Time Lecturer of Mass Communication at the Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Nigeria; before being fully absorbed into the system a year later and rose to the position of a Senior Lecturer. On his exit as the Head of Advertising and Public Relations of the department in 2007, he became the Co-Ordinator and Senior Lecturer of the International Institute of Journalism, University of Maiduguri in Ogun State, Nigeria from 2007 to 2011 when he relocated to United Kingdom to pursue his doctoral research. Sulaiman was at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, Egypt from 2003 to 2011 for teaching as Graduate Assistant. He was Associate Lecturer of Mass Communication at the Crescent University, Abeokuta, Nigeria between 2005 to 2007; Part-time lecturer of Mass Communication at Imo State University, Abeokuta Campus 2001 to 2001. Sulaiman Osho is a member of Royal African Society in United Kingdom; African Studies Association of the United Kingdom (ASAUK); Member, American Historical Association (AHA), North America; Member, International Society for Cultural History, Centre for Cultural History, University of Aberdeen, UK; Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ); Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR); Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON); and Nigerian Institute of management (NIM). A weekly Columnist with the Nigerian Tribune from 1994 to date; Vanguard newspapers, Lagos from 2005 to 2011; National Mirror newspapers, Lagos 2006 to 2008; and 2001 to date; African Outlook Online, Minnesota, USA, 2011 to date, Osho is script writer and presenter with the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) 90.5 FM stereo, Abeokuta, Nigeria from 1995. He is the author of the books Graphics Communication for Beginners (1996); Political Public Relations and National Stability (1999); Advertising and Public Relations Laws (2001 and 2008); Public Relations and Development (2003); Graphic Arts and Designs in Mass Communication (2001 and 2008); Public Relations Copy and Media (2008); Public Relations Policy, Planning, and Strategy (2008 and 2014); and African Communications System (2010 and 2014). Sulaiman served as Secretary-General, Islamic Mission for Africa (IMA), Abeokuta, Nigeria (1996 – 2007); and Director of Islamic Research Centre for Africa (2001 – 2007) during which IMA Nursery/Primary; IMA International Model College; IMA Hospital; IMA Mosque; Library/Audi-Visual Centre; Crescent University; Guest Chalet; Multi-purpose Hall; and Imam’s Lodge were established in Nigeria. He has published works in national and international journals, apart from delivering scholarly papers at world conferences.