Listening in Action

By: Rebecca Rinsema  

Since the introduction of the iPod in 2001 handheld electronics that store or stream compressed music files have steadily become the standard devices used for listening to music. A growing body of research investigates listening experiences as they are mediated by these devices (Bickford 2011; Bull 2008). I contribute to this body of research by introducing the "Integration in Consciousness" (IC) model as a way to characterize the experiences. Resulting from a grounded theory study, the IC model details the interaction among the musical sounds, simultaneous listener activities, and the nature of listener engagements. In the study ten college students from three institutions underwent iterative interviews; questions were developed from McCarthy and Wright’s (2004) Deweyan method for investigating user experiences with technology. Analysis yielded four axial codes as well as the IC model. I provide comparisons between the IC model and general models of music listening derived from other disciplines and methodologies (e.g. Dunn’s and Stockfelt’s). An important difference between the IC model and general models of music listening is the role played by simultaneous activities in the IC model. I explore possible explanations for this difference along the lines of methodology, scope of the study, and disciplinary perspective.

"Music Listening Experience", " Digital Media"
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Dr. Rebecca Rinsema

-, -, Northern Arizona University, United States
Arizona, United States

Rebecca Rinsema, PhD, is author of the book Listening in Action: Teaching Music in the Digital Age (Ashgate/Routledge, 2017) and forthcoming chapter on hermeneutics and popular music education in Coming of Age: Popular Music in Academia (Maize, 2017). Her research relates to music listening technology and experience, enactive perception, popular music, and pedagogy. She has presented her work at musicology and music education conferences national and international. As a singer, she specializes in early music, recently performing the soprano role of Bach's Ein Feste Burg Cantata (2017). Rinsema is Lecturer of Music in General Studies at Northern Arizona University where she teaches courses on the history and cultural study of rock and popular music; she has taught music to students ranging from pre-k to middle school to high school and beyond.