Reporting Conflict in the Middle East

By: Sarah El Mokadem  

The Arab Region suffers from a state of unrest in many of its countries nowadays. In one week, there were church bombings in Egypt, chemical attacks in Syria, continued fighting in Iraq between the international alliance supporting the Iraqi troops and the Islamic State (IS) militants to restore the city of El Mosul, and for the first-time disagreements break between Golf countries. This paper analyzes the editorial and visual frames used to report three of the most significant events that took place in the area in regional and international news channels in both Arabic and English. The events being analyzed are the Palm Sunday church bombing in Egypt, boycotting in Qatar, and the Syrian chemical attacks on civilians. All available Arabic and English reports from international and regional news channels on Youtube concerning these incidents and its consequences are being analyzed. The researcher is interested in investigating how the different ideologies of these channels affect their reports about conflict situations in the Middle East.

"Conflict Frames", " Middle East", " Visual Frames"
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Sarah El Mokadem

Assistant Professor, Mass Communication, Misr International University, Egypt
-, Egypt

I graduated from the department of Mass Communication (Radio and TV), the Faculty of Al-Alsun and Mass Communication at Misr International University in 2005 and have been working there ever since as a teaching assistant then senior teaching assistant then lecturer. Earned my Master's Degree from Cairo University in 2011 and my PhD also from Cairo University in 2016. My work focuses on news framing in all media platforms, especially TV, mobile phones and social media.