By: Jahman Hill  

In this paper, we examine the contemporary emergence of the "alternative fact" as an epistemological weapon of the American Alt-Right. Utilizing Robert L. Scott’s (1967) notion of rhetoric as epistemic in conjunction with Barry Brummett's work on intersubjectivity (1976), I posit that the Alt-Right exploits vulnerabilities in social knowledge formation as a means to build community. Our scholarly analysis is complemented by a poetic performance to embody and critique features of what we refer to as the “Alt-Rhet.”

"Rhetoric", " Poetry", " Alternative Facts"
2018 Special Focus: Alt-Media - The Shifting Tide of Political Communication
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mr. Jahman Hill

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Gender and Race Studies, University of Alabama, United States
Alabama, United States

Jahman Ariel Hill is a poet, activist, student, and teacher. Currently at the University of Alabama, Jahman is obtaining Master’s degrees in both Communication Studies and Women’s Studies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies with a focus in Middle East Relations. Jahman is a Graduate Teaching Assistant, teaching public speaking, coaching the college’s speech and debate team(the Alabama Forensic Council), and researching protest rhetoric and theory of disruption. His activism with the #WeAreDone organization led to the opening of an Intercultural Diversity Center at the University of Alabama. As an individual runner-up in both the 2017 LEAF and Southern Fried Poetry festivals, as well as an Individual World Poetry Slam finalist and co-founder of the Alabama Student Association for Poetry, Jahman aims to combine his passions of protest, black identity, and foreign policy on the stage through the performance of poetry. Recently, he published his first book of poetry and spoken word, Made from my Mother’s Ceilings, through 310 Brown Street. He also loves bacon.