Traceability in the Supply Chain

By: Vanesa Penalba   Milena Gomez Cedeño  

The traceability ensures food safety throughout the supply chain through its application, either forward (as raw material) or backward (from the point of sale). In this sense, the study of traceability has aroused much interest among researchers. Accordingly, this article presents a comprehensive review of literature which analyzes in-depth research on traceability in the supply chain that identifies their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we have identified economic sectors which has been implicated traceability and its main contributions. The results reveal fifty-six articles highlighting the potential of traceability in the supply chain present in four economic sectors. The results show that traceability studies were born twelve (12) years ago. The last eight years, research increased by 86%. Finally, in order to guide future research a theoretical model that explores how to improve food security levels through a food traceability system it is presented.

Traceability, Supply Chain, Economic Sectors, Traceability System
Food Production and Sustainability
Virtual Lightning Talk

Vanesa Penalba

professor, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, Panama
Panama, Panama

Milena Gomez Cedeño

-, -, Technology University of Panama, Panama

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