Acrylamide Content and Safety Level in French Fries and Potato Crisps of Selected Rwandan Potato Cultivars

By: Theoneste Hagenimana  

Acrylamide is a chemical compound of an important food safety issue and classified as probable carcinogenic. Found high in potato crisps and French fries, acrylamide formation may due to various factors, including potato variety. While French fries are more preferred and widely consumed potato products in Rwanda, the present research aimed at evaluating acrylamide levels in processed French fries and potato crisps of selected Rwandan potato cultivars to identify better potato cultivars for acrylamide safer products. Five potato cultivars (Kinigi, Peco, Kuruseke, T58, and Kirundo) were selected. 75 samples of fresh potato tubers were randomly collected from 75 farmers, processed into 150 samples composed of French fries and potato crisps. Acrylamide was quantified using LC-MS/MS method. Data were statistically analyzed using SAS software (edition 9.1, 2011) to calculate means and statistical differences across studied samples. Obtained results, as mean values of acrylamide levels, ranged between 323-768 µg/Kg and 902- 3873µg/Kg in French fries and potato crisps, respectively. Lowest and highest levels of acrylamide in French fries and potato crisps were from Kinigi &Kuruseke and from T58& Peco potato cultivars, respectively. Across studied potato cultivars there was a high significant difference (P ≤ 0.001) within French fries or potato crisps and between them. Acrylamide levels in all potato crisps products were higher than 750μg/kg while in French fries from Kinigi and Kuruseke were below 500μg/kg, both the set European indicative values. Kinigi and Kuruseke were found better and recommendable potato cultivars for processing of lower acrylamide French fries and potato crisps.

Acrylamide, French, Fries, Potato, Crisps, Cultivar, Rwanda
Food, Nutrition, and Health
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Mr. Theoneste Hagenimana

Academic Staff, Food Science and Technology, University of Rwanda- College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Rwanda
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