Field Ration Perception in Colombian Armed Forces

By: Carlos José Salgado Rohner   Annamaria Filomena   Felipe Castilla Corzo   Indira Sotelo  

The influence of the nutrient composition, physical properties, and perception of the field ration, affects the daily soldier’s tasks and make changes on their state of mind. The aim of this ongoing research is to know the actual field ration perception of Colombian armed forces. The methodology used were made an approach with the Colombian army, with the permits given, was contacted a group of armed forces and was made a survey. In this instrument was made a word association test about field ration, and which are the most and least important characteristics of them, the answers was categorized for its similarity. The most important association made by the participants in relation of field rations was in the category of taste with the 22 percent, followed by practicality and nutrition facts. The answer of the most important characteristics was the category of nutrition facts with the 30.8 percent. The answer of the least important characteristics was package with the 16.7 percent. These results can help to improve future designs of field rations related with taste and nutrition facts. These attributes, needs to been shown for increase the soldiers perception and acceptability in the pleasure given by the taste in food. In addition, it is needed to create more variety in ration menus and make better package for this kind of product. In conclusion, considering these changes, field rations can be enhanced to offer a better product for their comfort.

Field, Rations, Military
Food, Politics, and Cultures
Poster/Exhibit Session

Prof. Carlos José Salgado Rohner

Professor, Marketing, Universidad de la Sabana

Biologist with a master degree in behavioral Neurosciences, professor of marketing and consumer behavior with academical and bussines emphasis on cosumer percepcion.

Annamaria Filomena

PROFESSOR, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia

Felipe Castilla Corzo

Indira Sotelo

Professor, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia