13 - Food as an Educational Tool in Study Abroad Programs

By: Manola Corrent  

Food is a way to explore new cultures and can be an effective tool in the field of international education. In this poster, we will discuss how food can become the linchpin of study abroad programs in which the experience of students is both deeply sensorial and intellectually meaningful. Italy is one of the top destinations for international students seeking a study abroad experience, and without doubt, its food culture is a major factor in its attractiveness. Dolomit is a small local enterprise based in an area – Trentino, in the northeastern part of the Alps - not widely known overseas and not responding to the stereotypical image of Italy. In Trentino, Dolomit offers food-themed study abroad programs following a bottom-up model, relying on a network of local entities, such as research institutions, not-for-profit organizations and farmers. The encounter and the exchange between students, local producers and experts is at the core of the experience. Our goal is to discuss themes of global relevance from the perspective of a rural area located at the border between the German and the Latin worlds, and explore with students the role and value of traditional Alpine food production systems in a globalized world.

Sustainability Education
Food, Politics, and Cultures
Poster/Exhibit Session

Manola Corrent

Founder, -, Dolomit, Italy