Increasing Medical Student Culinary Education to Improve Patient Education

By: Alyssa Brown  

Medical students at the University of Utah School of Medicine are encouraged to take a course in Culinary Medicine, where students explore different medical conditions related to health and then cook a number of recipes related to the conditions discussed. The class, led by a family medicine doctor and a registered dietician, explores how to discuss health with patients who are obese, have T2DM, diet restrictions, or young children. Through this class, students are able to appreciate how difficult a complete overhaul of a diet can be for a patient and gain skills in motivational interviewing of patients, as well as an idea of resources to provide for patients. This qualitative survey explores the benefits of the class for the students who participated as well as ways in which the curriculum could be further integrated into typical medical curriculum to help better prepare future medical professionals to address the changing needs of a diverse population.

Medical Education Experiential
Food, Nutrition, and Health
Poster/Exhibit Session

Alyssa Brown