Africa and Global Food System

By: Tigist Gebrehiwot  

This paper considers Africa’s position of the review of existing global food laws. It is not a secret that the current multilateral treaties and conventions governing food and agriculture in many respects does not respond to the needs and priority of Africa’s farming communities. This paper is written with the purpose of answering few outstanding basic questions; firstly, are the current global food systems responding to the forefront Africa’s concern, which is food security? Secondly, does the global food systems designed to offer some benefit to Africa’s farming communities? The analysis of the study deals with the various challenges facing Africa’s present and future food security in the amidst of bio-tech development. The significance of the study is to address Africa’s overlooked farming communities and the wronged local genetic resources and traditional farming techniques and knowledge under the existing global food system, which has a detrimental effect for food security. It is therefore this study will explore using descriptive approach to qualitative research, multi-disciplinary in nature, the agriculture, economics and the law the law by building bridges to the main disciplines working jointly to move beyond discipline specifics approach to address the issue. Both a desk and data-based approach utilising qualitative tools, will be used in conducting this study.

Africa Global Food
Food, Politics, and Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Tigist Gebrehiwot

postdoc research fellow, University of South Africa