Acceptability and Ability to Process Nutrition Information Using Traffic Light, Report Card, and Current Nutrition Facts Label Format

By: Sherri Stastny  

A cross-sectional survey design using mixed-modes was conducted by researchers and food service management students. Preference among students, staff, faculty, and visitors at a Midwestern university for three different templates (Nutrition Facts label, Traffic Light, and Nutrition Report Card) with information about added sugars (AS) in foods and motivation and ability to process information about AS was evaluated. The majority of participants preferred the Nutrition Facts label format. All correlation analysis between “information influences purchases” responses and preference/motivation questions indicated a significant positive relationship. Understanding how and the extent to which consumers comprehend information about AS is important for nutrition labeling.

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Food, Nutrition, and Health
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Dr. Sherri Stastny

Assistant professor and doctoral student research team in Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences at North Dakota State University; both interested in improved cooking methods for prevention of chronic disease and to improve health