Food Security in Algeria

By: Chaib Baghdad  

The question food security remains a topic that is discussed regarding its growing importance, for the subject of feeding populations and animals, especially for countries who are still suffering from a serious delay in different levels. Hence, the main problem for many countries is to try to find a balance between the level of food production that can be supplied, and the policy of wages. Algeria is based mostly on the oil revenues. In this sense, the security policy is following the fluctuations of this market, since that the country is needing to find the right amount to be consecrated to this question, especially when it is a question to import the required volume in order to respond to the increasing demand from the domestic customers and local markets. For this, we will try, in this paper, to examine and study this subject of food security in this country, taking into account its economic specificities and characteristics, and also the nature of its consumers markets, since that the problem is not only to analyze this confrontation, but to find out the policy or strategy to be adopted and set up in this new context of decreasing the financial revenues from the petrol market, since that from June 2014, it has been announced that such revenues have decreased for about 60% from this period, with all the impacts, consequences and effects on the question of financing projects, including thus matter of food security and also food policy.

Food Policy, Algeria
Food Production and Sustainability
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Chaib Baghdad

Pr Chaib Baghdad is a lecturer at the department of Economics in Tlemcen (Algeria) since 28 years, and mainly dealing with subjects related to economic development, such as the growth, unemployment, rurality, food policy, trade.Some publications of papers in Algeria and outside have been recorded dealing with the question of Algerian economy, international trade, agricultural development, transitional economies, and I have participated in many international events in Algeria and outside.