Virtual Poster - Food Editors Were Always Multi-Tasking

By: Kimberly Voss  

Two cookbooks reflect the common struggle that 1960s female newspaper food editors faced as they balanced their careers and their parenting: Always on Sunday (St. Paul Pioneer Press) and Pot au Feu (Arizona Republic). These editors wrote columns that shared their personal and professional lives as they covered food news for home cooks and fancy foodies. Blended in their food columns were stories about their own fussy children, failed recipes and the weight gain that came with testing recipes. The authors of these columns, Eleanor Ostman and Dorothee Polson, represent the lives of newspaper editors who balanced the joy and challenges of cooking in the professional and private spheres. It draws attention to the roles of home cooks, motherhood and labor in a time prior to the Women’s Liberation Movement.

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Dr. Kimberly Voss

Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Journalism, University of Central Florida, United States
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I am a tenured, associate professor at the University of Central Florida. I am the author of The Food Section: Newspaper Women and the Culinary Community (2014).  I have published articles about newspaper food journalists in the journals American Journalism, Gastronomica and NYFoodStory. I have also written encyclopedia entries regarding food and food journalism. I serve as a judge for the Association for Food Journalism writing competition.