Production, Acceptability and Profitability of Tiesava Ice cream

By: Felicitas Quilondrino   Alma Corpuz  

This study provided information as basis for the production of nutritious homemade ice cream for interested food retailers, food processor and small & medium scale food company. This is beneficial to anybody who would want to make their own ice cream for family consumption and be freed up from buying expensive one. The outcome of this study would also enhance the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Curriculum by pointing out the importance of Food Processing and Food Research subjects where the learners will develop their creativity and patience in food works This study also opened the mind of the TLE students to entrepreneurial activity as source of their income and family as well. Furthermore, it help the authorities concerned on fund allocation for equipping the TLE laboratory room for necessary tools, equipment and other materials needed in food processing.

"Key Words- Tiesava Ice cream", " Production", " Acceptability", " Profitability", " Health Benefits"
Food Production and Sustainability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Prof. Felicitas Quilondrino

I am Dr. Felicitas A. Quilondrino, Associate Professor 3, employed at the Tarlac State University, under the College of Education, Tarlac City. Teaching professional and major subjects along Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE. National Trainer of the Department of Education along TLE area of the K-12 program and National Certificate II holder and trainer on the different areas of TLE particularly on Food Processing. Attended series of seminar not only in the Philippines but in foreign countries as well as participated International Conferences.Active officers and members on professional organizations such as Council of deans and Heads of Home Economics & Livelihood Education in the Philippines(CODHHELEP), Philippine Association of University Women(PAUW)and State Universities and Colleges Teacher Education Association (SUCTEA).

Dr Alma Corpuz

I was born in April 30,1970. I finished Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology @ Saint Louie University , Baguio City, Philippines. I earned my Master's Degree in General Education in 1994. I finished my Doctorate Degree in Educational in year 2005. I have been in the academe for more than 20 years now.I'am actively engage in research & extension. I have presented my papers locally & internationally and have published in internal refereed journals.