Sustainability of Our Food Choices with Focus on Animal Agriculture

By: Roopkatha Sarkar  

This paper seeks to spread awareness with the help of research and statistics regarding the negative, unsustainable and damaging nature of industrial and commercial agriculture- with special focus on animal agriculture and husbandry- on the environment. It will touch upon the implications of the shift to meat and dairy products from a plant based diet with respect to the environment and the resulting climate change. It raises concerns about our growing water and carbon footprint in times when we desperately need to minimise them. It attempts to understand how and why the food habits of the society have shifted and how to bring our food preferences back to what is sustainable- by us and by the earth. This paper will also offer and discuss various solutions that can be implemented by the global society at large at household and educational levels. It will talk about how our food choices can be crafted in a healthy and eco-friendly direction right from the start, away from mainstream influences.

"Greenhouse", " Deforestation", " Local Foods"
Food Production and Sustainability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Roopkatha Sarkar

I'm a student of Liberal Studies- majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Environmental Studies. My interests are reading, working out, baking and experimenting with smoothie recipes whilst singing along to Regina Spektor. I try to practice mindfulness and hygge in my everyday life and love reading up on new concepts. I'm also a writer and poetess and work part-time as a content writer. I am passionate and seek to spread awareness on the serious issues of animal welfare, climate change and societal shift to fast food cultures. My fascinating cinematography, directing and film studies make me love critiquing films and plays.