Food Safety Management in Central Elementary School Canteens in Region Three, Philippines

By: Lea Milan  

In this study, the researcher would like to explore how food safety was being managed in Central Elementary School Canteens’ in Region 3 and evaluate the performance of their existing food safety management. The researcher’s end goal was to provide information and data on how central elementary schools in the region respond to food safety and to identify gaps and opportunities for improvements on food safety management in school canteens. It utilized survey questionnaires, interview guide questions and validated knowledge test on food safety as tools in data gathering. With this study, school administrators, food service operators, policy making bodies, students, educators and future researchers would all be benefited. Generally, each of them would be able to realize their roles and responsibilities in food safety management. Moreso, they would also be enlightened on the importance of having a food safety management system in place. For the policy making bodies, this study would generate data and information on the existing food safety management in the Central Elementary School Canteens of Region 3 that could serve as their reference in enhancing and strengthening the existing national policies and guidelines pertaining to food safety in the schools, for the welfare of the pupils. This could also support other national development efforts to create awareness on food safety and augment prevention and/or reduction of food borne illness and food poisoning outbreaks especially to school children.

"Food Safety Management", " Food Safety", " School Canteen Food Safety"
Food, Nutrition, and Health, Food Policies, Politics, and Cultures
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Dr. Lea Milan

Head, Industry Development Extension Program, University Extension Services Office, Tarlac State University , Philippines
Philippines, Philippines

A graduate of BS Food Technology and Master of Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education and presently taking up Doctor of Education;Currently holding the cluster chairperson position in the Extension officeof Tarlac STate University,responsible in coordinating consultancy services to the clients and also a faculty of Tarlac State University teaching major subjects in BS Nutrition and Food Technology