Significance of Mindfulness in Daily Life

By: Sajjana Ashin  

We had face many difficulties in our daily life, either in the classroom, family, group association as the facing stress, facing problems and facing inconvenience. Everybody tries to acquire the convenience that of precious human happiness. As approach from a Buddhist perspective, mindfulness meditation efforts can be overcome those problems. Mindfulness meditation stands a scientific technique of the self-exploration by self-observation in the universal law of nature. The problem solving and the significance of mindfulness in daily life with special reference to Buddha’s teachings becomes the basis of this research. This study have used the descriptive method to find the important relevant data from textual sources, comparative method to compare between published works on mindfulness and the original texts, classification method to classify the challenges of mental and physical to precautionary measure for practicing mindfulness and quantify mindfulness between mindfulness meditation, well-being and personal goals. Finally, this proposal work concluded reiteration of significance of mindfulness in daily life with special reference to Tharavada Buddhist tradition to dispel confusion which will help in establishing Buddhist mindfulness and to assess the all challenges along with applicability of mindfulness.

Mindfulness, Meditation
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Sajjana Ashin

Student, Languages and Culture , Sharda University, India