The Integration of Psychology and Reason in Knowing God According to Abd Al-Jabbar

By: Mohd Radhi Ibrahim  

This paper is an endeavour to investigate the relationship between psychological experience and rational arguments in knowing God based on eleventh century Muslim rationalist theologian al-Qadi cAbd al-Jabbar’s (d. 1025 A.D). He believes that the motivation for rational obligation for every compos mentis person can be established through a psychological experience of human beings. In this case he argues that fear, one of human psychological experiences plays an important role to motivate human beings to know God. The aim of this paper is to examine cAbd al-Jabbar’s arguments in order to identify the nature of fear and its role in knowing God. To achieve this objective, I will examine, firstly, cAbd al-Jabbar’s ground to establish the reason why we need to know God. Then I will examine the cause(s) of fear that lead human beings to reflect in order to know God.

Integration, Psychology, Reason, Knowing, God
Religious Foundations
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Mohd Radhi Ibrahim

Associate Professor, Aqida and Religious Program, Faculty of Leadership and Management, Malaysia
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Mohd Radhi Ibrahim is an Associate Professor in Aqida and Religious Studies Program at Islamic Science University of Malaysia. He specializes in Islamic Theology and Philosophy, Religious Studies and Education. Mohd Radhi Ibrahim has a Bachelor degree from Al-Azhar University, Masters Degree from Malaya University and Ph.D in Islamic Studies from Edinburgh University, United Kingdom. Among his published works are: Theology and the Development of Civilization, Intellectual and Contemporary Mission. In the last several years, he has presented several academic papers at international conferences in Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and the United Kingdom.