Unity of Opposites in Social Work with Homeless in Moscow Religious Organizations

By: Tatiana Krihtova  

Today in Moscow live thousands homeless people. Government programs can not satisfy all needs of them. In this situation religious organizations (mostly Russian Orthodox church) have built a network of different help-points: free cafes, distribution of clothes, consultations about recovery of official documents. Every organization arise own strategies of aid, based on ideas from Christian theology, history of Church, theoretical approaches of social work. As a result, several organizations realize completely different work, but according to their self-representation, they believe that their strategy is Christian, unlike the rest. In the presentation will be described that strategies with their bases and consequences that they have for the whole situation with homeless people in Moscow.

Social Work, Homeless, Orthodox Church
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Tatiana Krihtova

PhD Student, Laboratory for Sociology of Religion, Saint Tichon Orthodaox Universiy, Russian Federation
Russian Federation