Church Response to Street Children in Abeokuta, Nigeria

By: Caroline Adejuyigbe  

A cursory look at Nigerian society would reveal the high level of insecurity ranging from religious conflicts and violence to kidnapping and ritual killings. The increasing involvement of youths, many of who are street children in perpetrating these crimes are of great concern. Historically, religion has been found to be effective and always on the lead in championing humanitarian course . However with the daily increase in number of street children and it's attendants insecurity challenges, it is doubtful if churches in Nigeria are in anyway contributing to the reformation of street children. Since the Cross much revered in Christianity symbolises sacrificial love, this study would like to examine the responses of Churches to Street children rehabilitation in Abeokuta, Nigeria in the light of Jesus teaching on sacrifice both by precepts and example. Ten (10) Christian leaders from different denominations, 10 street children and 4 social work officials would be purposefully selected for in-depth interview. Data would be subjected to descriptive analysis and suggestions for recommendations would be made.

Insecurity, Rehabilitation, Children
The Politics of Religion
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Caroline Adejuyigbe

Head, Primary Education, Federal College of Education, Nigeria