Religious Interaction in ASEAN Nations

By: Numan Hayimasae  

This article examines the religious policy implementation in Indonesia and Singapore, its response and the general picture of the religious interaction in both societies. I argued that in the multi-ethno-religious society, people cannot avoid social interaction since it is the root of the nation and historical development. Meanwhile, the state also has to manage their citizens peacefully. In order to apply for any other nations especially in the ASEAN, it can be manipulated into 4 dimensions; the state management, theology, and civil society. In the dimension of the state management, the state should establish a particular religious affair meanwhile set up an inter-religious council playing role mainly in collecting religious issues to be solved by the council creatively. In the dimension of theology, every religious elite and institution have to use religious tenets to promote religious harmony and arranges inter-religious forums continuously. They should move forwards, especially with the government sectors, in making creative programs; trainings, workshops, seminar, forums, vocational trainings, and research, to build understanding among civilians.

Religious Interaction, ASEAN Nations, Indonesia and Singapore
The Politics of Religion
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Numan Hayimasae

Lecturer, of Eastern Languages, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand