The Nexus of Religion and Social Structure

By: Muhammad Babar Akram   Zaheer Abbas  

Religious attachments of humans are considered to be the integral part of societies around the world. Societies like Pakistan are striving hard to bring the religious diversity and provision of equal rights and opportunities to all the religious communities residing in the social environment. Despite the continuous efforts of the governmental bodies, situation seems to be comparatively competitive for some of the minority communities. According to universal human rights declaration, all human beings are equal. They are free to express their ideas. But, in many societies, there comes a concept of inferiority and superiority due to certain religious differences or difference in cultural traits. The present descriptive research is a comparative study between Muslims and Christians for the evaluation of social exclusion faced by Christians and its impact on their socio-economic conditions. This research work utilized the quantitative research design for getting the required data. An interview schedule was used & sample consisted of total 200 respondents, 100 from the Muslim Community and 100 from the Christian Community. The universe of the study was limited to district Jhelum in Punjab Province of Pakistan and respondents were selected accordingly. After data collection, the data was analyzed through SPSS. It was observed that Christians were facing social exclusion as compared to Muslims generally which had significant impact on their Socio-Economic conditions in particular.

Religion, Culture, Society, Exclusion
The Politics of Religion
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Muhammad Babar Akram

Assistant Professor , International Islamic University Islamabad , Pakistan

Zaheer Abbas

Visiting Lecturer , H&SS, Bahria University Islamabad , Pakistan