Impact of Globalization on Religious Landscape in Nigeria

By: Mike Ushe  

This paper discusses the impacts of globalization on religious landscape in Nigeria. The paper provides an overview of the emergence of New Religious Movements in Nigeria. In addition, the paper examines the taxonomy of religious in Nigeria, along the lines of Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion. Furthermore, the paper treats the patterns or ways adopts by these religious for interacting with the forces of globalization affecting each other. The paper used an inter-disciplinary method which makes use of questionnaires, interviews and secondary sources for gathering of information and analysis of data. The paper observes that the impact of globalization on religious landscape has led to the emergence of corporate religiosity and progressive Pentecostalism in Nigeria. The paper recommends among others, that the federal and state government as well as religious leaders should make fruitful efforts to promote religious education for the citizenry to enhance religious freedom of worship and tolerance in Nigeria.

Globalization, Landscape, Religion, Pentecostalism, Popular Religiosity
Religious Commonalities and Differences
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mike Ushe

Associate Professor, Religious Studies, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria