An Analysis of Human Mind from Buddhist Perspective

By: Sushil Barua  

The main focus of Buddhism is human mind, which is stated in the very first verse from Dhammapada as thus: “all mental phenomena have mind as their forerunner; they have mind as their chief; they are mind-made. If one speaks or acts with an evil mind, 'dukkha' follows him just as the wheel follows the hoof print of the ox that draws the cart.” This paper engages in a Buddhist philosophical analysis of human mind for a sustainable and peaceful future. Buddhism, since its foundation by the Buddha, Gautama, has deepened the analysis of how human mind itself turns into a root cause of conflict and violence and how it can be overcome. And this research explores how this analysis of human mind contributes to realizing a sustainable and peaceful future.

Human Mind, Buddhism, Conflict Resolution, Peace
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Sushil Barua

Deputy Abbot, Religious , Atisha Dipankor Memorial complex & Relics Stupa, Bangladesh