A Reproductive Technology and Its Implications for Christianity on African Marital Values

By: Samson Bisi Oladosu  

Like its wave in the Western world, reproductive technology is fast becoming an unstoppable phenomenon in the African societies. Its wide acceptance could be traced to African obsession for children. In Africa, barrenness is a social problem that could lead to untold hardship especially for women. The phenomenon has however assumed a leading catalyst in the supremacy contest between naturalism and creationism. It has also become a serious threat to African value for morality, responsibility and accountability. Beyond the charge of Victorian morality, Christians are driven by the conviction based on biblical revelation concerning the nature of human origins and value for life. This paper intends to study the historical background of reproductive technology, its growth in contemporary age and its influence on African youths with regards to biblical revelation through Hebrew and Greek word studies. The aim is to ascertain whether reproductive technology is an addition to African communalism or depletion. The paper concludes that as lofty as the aims of reproductive technology are over the problems of human infertility, its derailment into socio –cultural issues, rendering God irrelevant by its assumed successes cannot be helpful to African Christian religious and cultural values.

Creationism, Naturalism, Communalism, Worldview, Morality
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Samson Bisi Oladosu

Samson Bisi Oladosu is a New Testament lecturer. He obtained a First class degree in theology (B.TH) from the United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College Ilorin in affiliation with the University of Ibadan and a master of arts degree (M.A) in New Testament Studies from the University of Jos. His PHD Degree in New Testament Studies at the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti is currently at the title registration stage with the senate of the University. He also holds a certificate in computers from the University of Ilorin.