The Spiritual Truth behind the Hindu and Nazi Swastika

By: Jayant Athavale   Dragana Kislovski   Sean Clarke  

Depending on the context, the Swastika is recognised as one of the most auspicious or heavily vilified symbols in the world. Originating as a sacred symbol in Hinduism and it was also used by other Eastern religions. Despite its sacred origins, the Swastika has become so widely associated with Nazi Germany that any contemporary usage of the symbol frequently incites controversy. So, is the Swastika symbol spiritually beneficial to society or not, and should it be embraced or discarded? With 37 years of spiritual research experience, the team at the Maharshi University of Spirituality has studied the Swastika in great detail from a spiritual perspective. This research has been conducted by using aura and subtle-energy scanners along with the advanced sixth sense of its research team. Listed below are some key spiritual research findings related to the form and the colour of the Swastika, which can significantly affect the subtle vibrations it emits. It was found that if drawn incorrectly like the Nazi Swastika, it emits negative vibrations. On the other hand, if drawn in a spiritually correct manner like the Hindu Swastika, it was found that the Swastika has the capability of attracting and emitting positive spiritual energy. In such a form, it can be utilised decoratively for auspicious occasions as it provides a spiritual healing effect to the immediate environment.

Indian Swastika, Nazi Swastika, Religious Symbols, Subtle-vibrations from the Swastika
2019 Special Focus—Universal Religious Symbols: Mutual Influences and Specific Relationships
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Jayant Athavale

His Holiness Dr, Research, Maharshi University of Spirituality, India
Goa, India

His Holiness Dr Athavale is a former world-renowned clinical hypnotherapist. His transition to fully devoting His life to Spirituality took place when some of His patients were cured by spiritual healing methods. This led Him to explore the field of Spirituality, and He learned of its ubiquitous effect on human life. Intensive spiritual practice under the Guidance of His Guru (His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj) enabled Him to develop a deep understanding of Spirituality. Combining His expertise in clinical hynotherapy with knowledge of Spirituality, He pioneered the Personality Defect Removal Process (PDR), which became the first step in an 8-step method (known as the Path of the Guru's Grace) for faster spiritual progress. Over the past 3 decades, He has conducted hundreds of spiritual research projects and written over 300 Holy texts on various subjects related to Spirituality. Approximately 7 million copies of these Holy texts have been sold in 15 languages. He founded the Maharshi University of Spirituality to teach the14 Vidyas (Sciences) and 64 Kalas (Art-forms) from a spiritual perspective and to help humanity gain access to spiritual practice methods for faster spiritual progress.

Dragana Kislovski

Spiritual Researcher, Maharshi University of Spirituality, India

Sean Clarke

Spiritual Science Research Foundation