Prevailing Intolerance and Extremism in Pakistani Society

By: Abdul Samad Shaikh  

The execution of Mumtaz Qadri is considered to be the big incident in the recent history of Pakistan. Some people think that it was in accordance with the law and justice. Some other think that it was a biased and prejudiced murder by the state. Majority of them think that the state could not tackle this issue as it should have. The undeniable fact in this regard is that this incident has led the nation to the state of chaos, intolerance and poor condition of rule of law. It is known that the Pakistan has a very low literacy rate. This lacking of literacy does not affect only the state’s routine business, but also the moral, religious and social growth of the nation. Likewise, this incident has left severe consequences for the nation. Moreover, it is unfortunate that some segments of the society take it exploitatively and promote their agenda of hatred and intolerance. Furthermore, this incident has been misused as tactic for the political gain in general election 2018 which can never be appreciated. Consequently, this incident has caused in short term offensive religious intolerance and extreme abusive social attitudes, and in the long run, the deviate radicalism and violent sectarianism. In this article, I will discuss the above mentioned problems and how can we tackle them according to the Islamic teachings.

Intolerance, Extremism, Education, Values, Moral
The Politics of Religion
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Abdul Samad Shaikh

assistant professor, dept of Hadith, international Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan