Religious Media in the Middle East

By: Khuldiya Al Khalifa  

The wide spread of religious media in the Arab and Islamic societies confirms the great role religion plays in these societies. Despite the important success of this kind of production, we need to review the development of religious media, the content and the possible effects of such current productions, as some can hold messages of hatred, violence and terrorism. This will help establishing a new content based on peace and tolerance, and deepening the spirit of citizenship and religious and cultural pluralism. Thus, this critical study aims to examine the concept of religious media as a wide field of means, its roles in societies with multiple doctrines and doctrinal tendencies and the influences that may affect its consumers in an environment where politics and religion work together in producing the content themes. This paper can bring a better understanding the role of the religious media as a vehicle of concepts that may build or demolish peace in societies where pluralism exists. Countries like Egypt may be used as an example of a plural society.

Media, Religion, Violence, Terrorism, Reform
Religious Commonalities and Differences
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Khuldiya Al Khalifa

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